Moss & Lichen Control Treatment

A clean roof has curb appeal and looks tidy, keeping it like this requires regular maintenance to maintain good roof condition and avoid costly repairs. Occasionally you may need to fix or replace roof tiles, there are also other key factors of keeping your roof in great condition, watching out for moss and lichen is extremely important. This unsightly growth thrives in warm & moist conditions, roofs are the ideal place for this to grow.

Moss & Lichen can appear if you neglect cleaning gutters also debris on the roof that slow down the drainage of rain from your roof.

Once moss and lichen is present it can change the tile surface of the roof not just effect the appearance.

Moss can grow thick like patches of grass and has the ability to hold extra moisture, this can damage the tile service or wear away at the tile roof until surface water is entering the roof and cause damage to internal ceilings. Moss can also grow between the tiles and cause leaks inside of the roof space.

Our moss control for roofs can eliminate the re-growth by applying our moss control spray.

Moss & Lichen Control Treatment

Moss & Lichen Explained

Moss – Moss can be identified quite easy on the roof, it looks like a patch of grass. Small or large depending on how long it has been growing.

Lichen – Lichen isn’t a plant, it’s a combination of fungi & algae living together. It looks like green crust that grows in patches. Lichen will grow and damage the surface eg, wear away concrete tile surface & decra chip surface.

Mould – Roof mould can be hard to identify, its best to call in the professionals to identify if its mould. The roof will require cleaning with our moss & lichen removal treatment.

Getting rid of Moss & Lichen

Step 1 – Moss & Lichen Removal Treatment

Once moss and Lichen have been identified, we firstly apply our Moss & Lichen removal treatment. This environmentally safe treatment is applied to your roof. After this application decomposition combined with weather action will gently lift and remove the Moss & Lichen over a period of 9 – 12 months depending on age and condition of the surface and the severity of weather.

Step 2 & ongoing – Moss & Lichen Control Treatment

Once your roof has weathered sufficiently (some root residue can remain at this stage), this treatment should be applied to inhibit regrowth. You need never re-clean your roof provided this treatment is re-applied every 3 years or before regrowth is apparent.

Booking a Roof Inspection & Moss & Lichen Treatment

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