Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance

It can be easy to neglect the maintenance of your roof. Since it’s mostly out of sight it can be difficult to check for the build-up of moss, mould, or lichen. Often you only realise there’s a problem when it can be too late. When your roof becomes damp or build-ups have caused leaks or some other problem you’d rather not have. Here at Promain we champion regular roof maintenance and our specialist team can do it all.

What are the Benefits?

This is a good question as it can be easy to think that your roof doesn’t need special attention. But, regularly ensuring your roof is in good condition is crucial to making sure the rest of your house stays in good condition too. The most common problem facing roofs is the build-up of moss, mould, and lichen. All three of these issues can cause an array of problems.

If left to spread they will cause erosion of the roof tile surface. They will retain water which will leave your roof damp. They also will block up channels in the tile overlaps which will stop water flow and can result in roof leaks. Lastly, the build-up also looks really bad, it can make your roof look unsightly and unkempt. So regularly maintenance for your roof not only protects against these unwanted problems, it also adds value and adds great looks to your property.

Roof Cleaning & Treatments

What We Offer

Now you’re clued up on the benefits of regularly keeping a nice and tidy roof, you’ll probably want to get up there and check for any signs of moss, mould, or lichen. But before you get your ladder out, getting up onto the roof can be a dangerous thing because if the surface is poorly maintained it might be slippery and extremely unsafe.

So, just contact Promain and we will do it, our roofer will do a check, and inform you of any tile repairs that need doing. All of our staff are highly trained in roof maintenance by our managing director who has a wealth of experience in all aspects of roof maintenance.

Whether you have a clay tile roof or a concrete tile roof, the benefits apply to both. You’re in safe hands with Promain as our team has breadth and depth of expertise. So, if your roof is in need of a bit of regular upkeep just contact our specialised team today.

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