Damaged Tiles

Tiled roofs are most commonly known for their long durability, from time to time you may need to carry out inspection maintenance if you find damaged tiles that have cracked or slipped.

Roof tiles become brittle with age; this can lead to the tile cracking. Once cracked the tile can let water drip into the house and cause extensive damage. Its best to call in the professionals as soon as you notice any damaged to the tiles or signs of water leaking into the roof space or water marks on the interior ceiling.

It’s good to keep in mind these common problems that can lead to damaged tiles.

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Damaged Tiles

Common causes of damaged roof tiles

Untreated Tiles – if tiles are left untreated, they will start to absorb water leading to expensive interior damage.

Weather – Excessive wind and storms can cause tiles to dislodge.

Foot traffic on the roof – anyone walking on the roof can cause the tiles to crack. You should only allow experienced professionals to access your roof.

Fallen debris/branches onto the roof – the impact damage from fallen tree branches or build-up of debris can cause the tiles to crack or even slip out of place.

Our tiled roof repair service includes:

  • Inspect and remove damaged tiles

  • Clean roof thoroughly

  • Replace missing and damaged tiles

  • Strip any damaged ridge capping and reinstall to keep water out

  • Perform weatherproofing coatings

  • Paint, if requested

  • Free roof inspection

  • We have a wide selection of spare tiles on hand

ProMain Roofing can inspect the condition and health of your tiled roof and point out any potential dangers, such as trees that are too close to your home or if your old roof tiles need to be repaired or replaced.

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