Fix Tile Roof

When a tile is dislodged or missing it’s often caused by storm damage, or other contactors walking on the roof. It’s pretty easy for professionals to spot small gaps where one or two tiles have slipped or cracked.

A missing tile is not usually a critical defect, but repair shouldn’t be left for too long, otherwise the water will eventually get into the roof and damage interior ceilings.

Remedial Work

If there are only a few slipped or missing tiles they can usually be refixed or replaced easily. There are different roof tile fixing specifications, when it comes to fixing loose roof tiles its always best to call in the professionals. Sometimes trying to fix tiled roofs on your own can lead to further damage and cause more leaks if not done properly. This can be expensive, always ask for help if you’re not 100% sure.

Fix Tile Roof

Can we Fix broken roof Tiles?

ProMain can help fix tiled roofs, we can fix cracked roof tiles or replace them. We supply a wide range of replacement tiles. Visit our office in St Johns, to view the range.

Fix Slipped Roof Tiles

If you need help with slipped roof tile fixing we can sort this out – Call now to arrange one of our professions to help at affordable prices.

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