Decra Chip Re-Coating

We have specialist trained staff to complete your quality roof chip recoating.

This will restore your roof, add value, and significantly extend the life of your metal tile/Decramastic roof Decra chip re-coating.

Our process of recoating Decra tile roofs consists of:

  • Careful water-blast cleaning of the roof to remove dirt, moss, mould and loose chip etc.

  • We do not want to remove old coating substrate.

  • Moss and lichen control treatment – to prevent moss and mould regrowth on the roof

  • Repairs – repair or replacement of damaged and split tiles, removal of dents, re-nailing of loose tiles.

  • Metal etch-primer coat if required – applied to worn and bare metal surface to hold the chip coating to the metal surface.

  • Decra rechip coat – this high build acrylic coating is applied to hold the chip surface and bind to the surface of the new chip application.

  • Final colour coat – to bind overall coating system and give a flexible and durable colour coating.

Decra Chip Re-Coating

All work fully guaranteed – there is a 10-year guarantee with this quality Decra chip re-coating provided our moss and lichen control treatment is applied about every 3 years.

There is a 2-year guarantee against leaks with Decra chip re-coating.

Leaking Decra tile roof – protect the metal tiles with our chip coating system.

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