Tile Roof Coating

We have specialist trained staff to complete a quality roof tile recoating. This will restore your roof, add value, waterproof, and significantly extend the life of your roof.

New Zealand weather can be quite harsh on your rooftop, when looking at painting options it is important to select high-quality products that are UV resistant and protect against the elements. This can prolong and prevent wear of the tile and double the life span of the roof.

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Tile Roof Coating

Recoating Concrete Tile Roofs

Our process consists of:

  • Moss control – to prevent moss and mould growth

  • Careful waterblast cleaning – to remove dirt, moss, lichen and mould

  • Repairs – Replacement of cracked and broken tiles

  • Full repoint to all hips and ridge caps

  • Key coat sealer – to seal the tile surface and provide the base for the new coating systems to bind

  • Hi-build base coat to build up the worn surface of the old tile

  • Final colour coat – this will complete the coating process and will give an overall build of 380 microns

  • All work fully guaranteed

Recoating Decramastic roof

  • Apply moss and lichen treatments

  • Renail loose tiles and remove dents

  • Repair/replace tiles and flashings

  • Careful waterblast cleaning

  • Apply rust kill primer/convector

  • Apply hi build colour coat and rechip tiles

  • Apply 2nd hi build colour coat

  • Examine the Roof to ensure a Perfect End Result

  • All work fully guaranteed

roof cleaned
spray application
roof cleaned
roof recoating

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