Concrete Tile Roof Repairs

Cracked tiles & lose pointing are common issues with leaking roofs. We can help with simple concrete tile roof repairs to full concrete tile roof restorations.

Concrete Roof Tile Maintenance & Repairs

  • Repair or replace existing concrete ridge caps or hip caps

  • Re point existing ridge caps using Flexi-Point.

  • Replace valley trays & flashings

  • Replace broken/Cracked tiles/Split Tiles

  • Moss & Lichen treatments

  • Roof coating TileCoat

  • We have extensive range of concrete and clay tiles available

Roof Maintenance FAQ
ProMain Tile Roof Maintenance

Common issues with concrete tile roofs

Appearance – colours can fade and wear away the surface outside when exposed to harsh Auckland weather conditions.

Moss & Lichen – Caused by high rate of water absorbing into the tiles.

Cracked tile(s) – Cracked tiles can occur at any point due to unforeseen weather conditions or other contractors walking on the roof.

Leaks – water leaks through the tile due to a very pouris surface.

If you have any cracked tiles or water leaking into the house its best to act quick to ensure the damage and cost is kept to a minimum.

repointing hip and ridge caps
cracked and broken tiles


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