Repointing Tile Roof

Repointing is the process of repairing damaged mortar in roof tiling. Broken, cracked or damaged mortar can be the primary entry point for moisture into the home. Once the moisture is inside it continues to damage, so re-pointing is necessary.
Ridge capping can become very brittle due to weathering over time, this can dislodge the capping from its fixed position causing the mortar to loosen its grip and tends to crack, the pointing and roof ridge tiles also crack. Excessive wind can dislodge the loose ridge & hip caps.

Our professionals can inspect your roof to check its current condition, we can look for key factors that indicate if the roof needs re-bedding or re-pointing done.

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Repointing Tile Roof

Signs that roof repointing is required

  • Ridge capping mortar cracked

  • If the ridge hip capping is no longer in a straight line and has shifted

  • Broken ridge capping

  • Any missing roof ridge tiles

  • Water leaking inside your home and causing internal damage to ceilings

ProMain Re-pointing Tile Roof Process

  • Set up edge protection if required or total restraint safety equipment.

  • Identify the damaged ridge capping areas.

  • Careful water blast cleaning of complete ridge & hip areas to remove moss, dirt and loose chip. Guttering may need washing out too.

  • Repairs to all hips and ridging using FlexiPointTM, Checking for loose tiles. If a cap becomes loose and the supporting bedding is falling away, it needs to be rebedded. This involves carefully removing the caps; removing the old bedding; preparing the roof and tiles for rebedding; and applying FlexiPointTM pointing from the caps to the bedding and roof tiles.

Flexipoint – Roof Pointing Mortar

We recommend and use FlexipointTM it is a trowelable custom coloured, long term flexible adhesive that is used to point the ridge caps of tiled roofs.

Repointing roof tiles DIY

Repointing roof tiles DIY – Never go up on your roof when its wet or windy or if the tiles are slippery. Like all DIY, roof repointing starts with preparation your safety is paramount. If in doubt call in the professionals or seek advise from us before setting out on any DIY roof projects.

With over 30+ years of experience ProMain Roofing’s specialists can provide all the best industry knowledge and quote on the cost of repointing a roof free of charge. Contact us for affordable prices.

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