Tile Roof Repair

Concrete Roof Tile Maintenance & Repairs

We have specialist trained staff to complete all tile roof repairs.

  • Finding and solving tile roof leak repairs

  • Replacement of cracked or broken tiles

  • Loose mortar on hip and ridge caps repointed with Flexi-point

  • Full Repoint of all hip, ridge and barge caps

  • Replacement of metal valley trays and flashings

  • We have extensive range of concrete and clay tiles

  • Decramastic tile roof repairs

Roof Maintenance FAQ
Tile Roof Repair

Concrete tile roof repairs Auckland Region

Broken roof tiles can be a surprise when we have a heavy down pour of rain or when winter arrives. Whatever the case, we have an extensive stock of tiles to replace your broken tiles that will match your roof. We offer prompt affordable roof repairs & tile replacements; we know time is of the essence fixing damaged roofs before leaking causes interior damage to ceilings.

Reasons to contact ProMain Roofing

We repair tiled roofs in Auckland fast. If your roofing tiles have lifted in storms or cracked our roofers will repair/replace broken tiles. We’ll do our best to find the best tile profile & colour match. Our licensed and professionally trained roofers are experts in residential & commercials tile roof repairs.

If you are buying or selling a house and have noticed something wrong with your roof, contact us to undertake a roof inspection. We can supply a detailed summery of any problematic areas we have cause for concern, the report can be used for repair logs and insurance work.

For more information about tile roof repairs or to arrange an inspection, contact us now.
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Roofing Repair Locations

Based in Mt Wellington, we work on roofs all over the Auckland Region, North, South, East and West. Contact us to schedule a visit in your area, we are the best tile roof repair contractors in Auckland.

Reoccurring repairs we find

  • Clay tile roof repair

  • Concrete tile roof repair morta

  • Cement tile roof repair in a valley

  • Roof tile mortar repairs

  • Cut tile repair in valley

  • Bed + point cut tile under hip

  • Ceramic tile roof repairs

Our professional roof maintenance specialist team will help you with no job too big or too small

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