Flexipoint – Roof Pointing Mortar

Flexipoint™ is a trowelable custom coloured, permanently flexible adhesive that is used to point the ridge caps of the tiled roofs. Flexipoint roof pointing mortar is available in 6 standard colours additional colours are available at an extra charge.

Flexipoint™ pointing compound has the following features.

  • Flexes in harmony with normal roof movement

  • Amazing bond resists cyclonic wind uplift

  • Fade resistant colour and long service life

  • No staining by leaching cement salts

  • Waterproofs the key tile cap joints

  • 10 year warranty

Flexipoint – Roof Pointing Mortar

ProMain recommend the use of flexi point, flexible pointing compound. We have been using this for 25 years and found it very versatile if applied correctly.

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