Roof Safety

We take health and safety very seriously. We have planning procedures in place that identify hazards before staring any job, planning a safe approach to a job can help prevent accidents happening on the roof and keep our staff safe and comply with NZ health and safety regulations.

ProMain Roof Safety Planning key factors

  • Safe roof access

  • Assessment of roofing materials

  • Identify hazards associated with working at height

  • Brittle roofing assessment

  • Weather & environment factors (for example, weather, electricity)

  • Establishing equipment and hazard controls for working at height

  • Safe working practice

  • Training and supervision

Roof Safety

The work plan should clearly set out:

  • Who is responsible for implementing the control measures and supervising the work onsite

  • What specific steps are required to carry out the work safely

  • How these steps are to be done.

Benefits of the edge protection system

  • Greater site efficiency

  • Safer and compliant workplaces

  • Peace of mind

  • Safe roof access systems

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