3 Main Signs of Roof Deterioration

Obvious Damage

When you look up at your roof and see missing, cracked, or loose caps it’s a sure sign you need to contact someone to assess and repair damaged roof tiles.


If you notice water coming through your ceiling or in your roof space then there’s a high likelihood that you need roof repairs.

Remember to check your attic or roof space often as you can because slow leaks can go undetected and cause long term damage.

Ceiling Stains

A less significant leak in your roof can be even more destructive than a big one for the simple reason that they often go unnoticed and cause far reaching rot. One of the tell-tale signs of a slow leak is stains on your or cracking paint.

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Roof Repairs for Every Situation

We can help you with whatever type of roof repair you have need for.

Decramastic Roof Repair

Decramastic roofs are made of galvanized steel with a bitumen overlay and during the height of their installation popularity were known for being lightweight and easy to install. With proper care and maintenance, they can last more than fifty years. If they are damaged, though, you may need an entire renewal.

Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency roof repair often follows a storm, violent weather, or other incident. Because these times are often more than stressful it pays to have a roof repair service on the fridge to call for quick assessment and repair.

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