Roof Maintenance

Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance

The importance of roof maintenance is often overlooked by homeowners, which can be as a result of not seeing their roof very often and rarely experiencing the results of poor maintenance.

Regular maintenance maximizes the life of your roof, which not only keeps you protected from the elements and maintains value in your home but also saves you money in the long run – despite the upfront roof maintenance cost.

When you’re searching for your ‘roof maintenance near me’ solution, there’s three things you should take into consideration.

Provider Experience

Making sure that the provider you choose has the required experience to fulfil your roof maintenance needs is important – you want to know the person looking after your roof has years under their belt.

Established in 1997, we have decades of experience within the roofing industry, and a wealth of knowledge within the sector.

As members of the NZ Roofing Association, we have passed strict criteria to gain membership status. We are proud of our work and make sure that it complies with NZRA standards and provide a guarantee with each job.

Different roofs need somewhat different maintenance

Depending on your needs – flat roof maintenance, commercial roof maintenance, or industrial roof maintenance – your roof maintenance service provider may change. So, make sure that the provider you choose has the right experience and services for your specific needs.

Provider Services

When you need roof maintenance services it is important to find a provider who can help you out with exactly what you need – there’s no point getting a simple clean up when you need moss control or repairs.

Our Roofing Services

  • Tile Roof Maintenance

  • Roof Painting – TileCoat

  • Roof Leak repairs

  • Roof Cleaning & Treatments

  • Moss control

  • Flashings

  • Water Blast Cleaning

  • Roof Restoration

  • Repointing Ridging (Flexipoint)

  • Waterproof sealing roof tiles

  • Tile roof inspection

Your Roof Maintenance Checklist

There’s a lot more to take into account than what we can list here, but a good place to start with roof maintenance is with these six steps.

1. Do A Visual Check Regularly
Remember to look up at your roof regularly to check for visual damage including missing caps, Apex Caps or cracked or dislodged tiles – especially after a heavy storm or high winds.

Don’t worry about having to climb up a ladder – all you need is a pair of binoculars.

2. Look For Leaks
While leaks that come all the way through your ceilings are pretty easy to spot, leaks that only come into the roof space or attic can go unnoticed and cause significant damage. As a part of your regular home maintenance, you should make the effort to check out the area directly underneath the roof to make sure it’s in good order.

3. Wash Your Roof
Washing your roof is a key part of maintaining tile or decra roofs. You might start to notice your roof looking dirty, or long and dark streaks from peak to eve. This is caused by algae; it won’t cause any immediate damage but unfortunately, if you leave it too long it can start to slowly grow into damaging Moss Lichen and mould.

4. Clean Your Gutters
There are many things that people will choose to do before cleaning their gutters but there’s so many reasons you should stay on top of it.
Clean, leaf free, gutters can reduce storm damage, prevent water seeping into the eves, and minimize fire risks in the summer months.

5. Trim overhanging vegetation
In addition to making the gutter cleaning easier, keeping overhanging branches trimmed can help prevent falling damage to your roof.

6. Get an inspection done professionally
While you can do a lot of this yourself, there are many things you can’t see without training. Our inspectors can safely look over your roof and tell you exactly what work needs to be done – if there is any.

Our professional roof maintenance specialist team will help you with no job too big or too small

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