The importance of roof maintenance

The importance of roof maintenance is threefold – to protect, to prevent, and to save.

To Protect: The primary reason why roofing is important is to protect your home.

The integrity of your roof is important – it keeps you dry in winter and cool in summer, as well as keeping critters out! When your roofing has holes, damaged tiles, or seepage it can lead to ongoing problems.

importance of roof maintenance

To Prevent: The importance of roof maintenance for prevention purposes.

When you properly maintain a roof, you have the ability to help prevent a range of issues. For example, when you keep roofs moss and lichen free you can prevent your tiles from damage and by replacing holes as they, may crack or slip off batton.

To Save: Maintaining and repairing roofs can actually save you money

When you keep an eye on your roof and make sure to repair any damage that you spot – you can help to prevent structural damage and the need for a total roof replacement.

When do you need to get your roof repaired?

In an emergency
You can get your roof repaired as soon as you get an assessment and the work can take place. After severe weather or an incident resulting in damage to your roof it can be a matter of urgency to get an assessor on site to ensure your roof is fixed as soon as possible.

As a matter of course
Over time your roof can suffer from normal wear and tear, stray rugby balls, and sun damage. Getting your roof assessed periodically can help you time repairs well and avoid costly replacements.

What is a roof plan?

A roof plan is a scaled drawing or diagram of a planned roof. The roof plan is used by your contractor or roof repair provider to create an aesthetic and well planned roof – because a roof needs to look great AND protect you.

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