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Roof Maintenance FAQ

Q. How do I know I am dealing with a reputable company?

A. We are members of the Roofing Association and Site Safe. The Managing Director and owner has over 30 years experience in the roofing maintenance industry.

Q. Can you walk on my tile roof without damaging it?

A. Yes, we have fully trained servicemen that are experienced in all areas of tile roofing maintenance.

Q. What benefits are there in cleaning my roof?

A. Moss, mould and lichen

  1. cause erosion of the tile surface
  2. retain water therefore leaving your roof damp
  3. block up water channels in the tile overlaps and can cause leaks
  4. look unsightly - a roof kept clean adds value and good looks to your property

Q. Are any of your chemicals harmful?

A. No, our chemical applications are environmentally safe, and our products will not damage your spouting, exterior of your home or cause damage to your plants and garden.

Q. Do you employ sub-contractors?

A. No, we only employ full time employees, and personally train all our staff to the highest standard in all roof tile maintenance.

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